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Sister2Sister VWOO Reviews, Testimonies & Success Stories

Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with our help. 


I can now share my own testimony to give hope and encouragement to other women in this struggle...
My name is Leah and I'm from Houston TX. Im single mother of 2 amazing children. My journey and struggle has been long and hard but by not giving up is what has made me who I am today.
Heres a short version of my story. In 2007 I fell for the wrong person because I was looking to fill the void of the father of my kids. So 3mths later I married him and within a month I became a mother of 5 kids with his 3 moving in with us. Fastforward a bit to him leaving to work in Iraq leaving me a single mother of 5 children. Eventually It all became the start of my addiction. From there it carried after my divorce and spiraled out of control once my grandmother got sick then loosing her to lung cancer and facing life without her was hard. So since 2014 me n my kids have struggled to be stable. While I was battling this addiction through it all. Which led me to getting in trouble and making a background for myself. But by the grace of God, my last time in county I looked at my life and said this it Leah this isnt you it time to stop and fix my life. So in 2018 after I was released I went straight into a womans program called Angela House. There i went through numerous classes and rehab. I succeeded and accomplished it all and becoming sober as well. It began to build me into the strong woman I once was again. A year and a half later I moved into my own place brought my daughter back to live with me. It was all going good for us then the pandemic hit us hard. I was laid off, and found out later that night we lost the father of my children. Then we had to move out cuz i couldn't pay rent any longer which made us become homeless again. Only this time in this situation I was still living sober so through my strong will, determination, and refusing to not give up and stay focused on being stable again. I was blessed with the opportunity of getting a housing voucher which was put on hold due to the pandemic untill recently I was finally approved and told to start looking for a place to rent and this became a struggle to with my background now. 5weeks later. Im proud to say I was approved this week for my 2 bedroom apt. I also found out that this long fight and wait for unemployment benefits has become a blessing and is going to be life changing. So through it all I maintained my sobriety and never gave up and staying focused on getting our own place again. I am so greatful for those who have supported me in my journey. Today I am a Sober, Strong And Determined Woman that overcame a battle I thought I'd never win. But I didn't give up and it made me who I am today! Thank you,

Karen Rivers Johnson, TX 

''She is a hard worker and she loves people''

Rickey Clayborn, IL

" Because i believe each one teach one good information should be shared''

Lisa Driver, MI

“This organization is changing the playing field .”

Wow I never knew that go up to 180° angle turn around in my life I was just homeless back-and-forth in and out of houses that didn’t even like me at all or care for me but I just thank God for allowing me to run into Rolanda and just being a mother figure to me and also just providing things that I need to be able to be a better person in my life without her and the strength of God in her life for being there and just providing for me the tools that she had that taught me how to survive out here in the world.



First giving all praise and honor to the Lord who's favored the GreenHouse International Church to connect with Sister2Sister  Virtuous Women of Order Inc. for being faithful vessels of the Lord by ending the plan of homelessness in my family's lives. We were sleeping in our car as a result of being one of the many families affected by the evictions of Harris County due to Covid 19. We had nowhere else to turn but to the church after being turned down by many programs here in Houston..

Cox Family

IMG_4810 (1).jpg

I’ve recently moved back out here to Houston not too long ago & I’ve been struggling to maintain trying to get back on my feet on my own. So me & my 14 month old has been homeless for weeks now. And Ms. Rolanda with Siste2Sister v.w.o.o. inc  & Living Proof Foundation has helped me to make a plan and try to help us & push us in the right direction. Also, they have been a big help in getting me things for my baby and a bunch of necessities for us. I'm very thankful for her finding us & helping us along the way because it’s been a struggle for me. But I’m glad that god has put it on her heart to help me an continue to help me day by day--

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